Aviron Impact Performance Package


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Aviron Impact Performance Package

The Impact Performance Package: includes the Impact Series rower with patented folding design, non-slip Rower Mat and quick-release Hook & Loop Straps.

22” Hd Touchscreen

A vibrant high-definition touchscreen allows you to navigate workouts and adjust resistance with ease. Also equipped with speakers and front-facing camera to capture your victory shot!

Dual Air & Magnetic Resistance System

The gradual resistance delivered by the air system mimics the feeling of rowing through water, while the resistance delivered by the magnetic system provides exceptionally strong and smooth torque, allowing for both cardio and strength on one machine.

Commercial-Grade Whisper Nylon Belt

Operating at ~60 decibels, which is comparable to conversational volume, the Aviron rowing experience is both quiet and smooth.

Space-Saving Design

Patented folding design for easy storage. Equipped with 4 wheels making it is light enough to maneuver with one hand.

Comfortable Frame Height

Sitting comfortably at 20” above the ground, Aviron makes it easy to get on and off the machine. No crouching!

Premium Construction

Designed for long-term durability, Aviron's steel and aluminum construction coupled with over 1 million testing cycles, ensures your Aviron rower can withstand even the toughest workouts.


  • Up To 3-Year Warranty
  • Unlimited Profiles With Membership


97" in (246.38 cm)
21" in (53.34 cm)
43" in (109.22 cm)
Folded storage Length:
54" in (137.16 cm)
Floded storage Width:
21" in (53.34 cm)
Floded storage Height:
62" in (157.48 cm)
Rower Height:
97 lbs
Weight Limit:
397 lbs
Height Limit:
Approximately 6'7"