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The Unity Bike Desk is a simple way for adults to add movement while working from home, or even while doing recreational activities like watching TV. With a built-in desktop and seat height adjustment, you can sit comfortably while getting your work done. The minimal-resistance pedals allow you to move throughout the day so you can be more active while sitting at your desk.



  • Cordless
  • Easy To Move
  • Simple to Get On and Off

Powered by you. No batteries to replace or power cords to stumble over. Getting started couldn’t be easier: simply position the bike anywhere you would place a traditional chair, adjust the seat height to your preferred setting, and start pedaling. There are no buttons to push, or electronics to set. The resistance is preset to a light universal setting to keep your body moving during normally sedentary time, gaining significant health benefits, without breaking a sweat.

Storage hooks, located on each side of the desk, help keep personal items stored and out of the way. Great for holding backpacks, hand bags, or jackets.


Comfort starts with a large contoured seat designed to distribute your weight over a large surface area – more like an office chair than an exercise bike. Next, to accommodate a variety of shoe types and sizes, the pedals are almost 9” in length, supporting a large portion of the foot rather than just the ball of the foot. Finally, the Unity pedals are placed further out in front of the seat than a traditional bike, reducing knee movement and placing your feet in a more comfortable position, more consistent with working at a desk.

Seat height adjustment is accomplished with a simple lever, supporting most users ranging from 5’0” to 6’6”.


  • Increase Calorie Burn
  • Improve Physical Health
  • Maintain Productivity

Maintain productivity, boost calorie burn, and improve physical health in a quiet, functional setting. The Unity's non-adjustable magnetic resistance is smooth and silent, letting you pedal forward, backward or just fidget back and forth.


47" L x 31" W x 41" H
Desktop Dimensions:
31.5" W x 23.7" D
Molded, Contoured Stool-Style Seat
Seat Adjustment:
7" (11 positions) Fits Users Ranging In Heights From 5’0” to 6’6"
Resistance System:
Non-Adjustable Eddy Current Brake System
Oversized; Bi-Directional (Forward/Backward Pedaling)
2 Front-Mounted Wheels for Easy Mobility
Desktop Materials:
3/4" Thick HD Composite Board
Desktop Surface:
Durable Cherry-Grain Laminate
Power Requirements:
Power-Free Operation
Max. User Weight:
300 lbs.
Product Weight:
88.2 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions:
Single Box: 35" L x 12" W x 28" H
Frame: 3 Years, Parts: 1 Year