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The TRANSITT™ harnesses the functionality of real-time visual biofeedback and teams it with innovative isometric and dynamic exercise programs.


The TRANSITT™ delivers advanced testing, training, and tracking system all on one proven platform.

  • Low step-through design
  • User-controlled step length; smooth-stepping motion
  • Low-inertia start-up; 15 resistance levels
  • Locking feature for handles and pedals
  • Sturdy grab ring
  • Seatbelt for added stability
  • Foot Secure System

Test, Train, & Track


Real-time visual biofeedback enhances user awareness of physical performance, informs goals and tracks progress. Programs include:

  • Balanced Power: Identifies imbalances and encourages symmetrical performance
  • Controlled Leg Force Test: Provides objective and repeatable measures of isometric force production
  • Climbing: Motivates users while they train for strength and endurance
  • Ankle Control: Trains motor control and range of movement of the foot and ankle
  • Intensity & Duration: Tracks exercise intensity and range of movement
  • Isometric Leg Endurance Test: Measures isometric leg endurance and tracks changes over time
Maximum Comfort & Adjustability

The ergonomically designed padded seat with contoured back support provides a stable, supportive position for users while exercising.

  • 400 lbs. user weight capacity
  • 360-degree seat swivel (locks every 45 degrees)
  • Reclining seat (an additional 12 degrees)
  • Arm and seat positions easy to adjust

User Requirements

Height: Fits users from 4'6" – 6'7" (137–200 cm) 

Weight: Supports users between 75 lbs. – 400 lbs. (34–181 kg)

Age: Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Individuals outside this height, weight, and age range may not use this cross trainer.


77” in (196 cm)
32”in (79 cm)
57” in (146 cm)
Unit Weight:
525 lbs (238 kg)
Standard seat width:
22" (56 cm)
AC adapter with front and rear power jacks
User Height:
Fits users from 4'6" – 6'7" (137–200 cm)
User Weight:
Supports users between 75 lbs. – 600 lbs. (34–272 kg)
Recommended for ages 13 and up.