HCI Fitness Mediana i55 Premium Body Composition Analyzer

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Segmental Multi-Frequency Measurement:-

The Mediana i55 Body Composition Analyzer is a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology system using a multi-frequency measurement method providing precise yet meticulous Body Water (Extracellular Water) and Body Composition Analysis.

The Mediana i55 Body Composition Analyzer uses 1/5/50/100/250/500 kHz frequencies during body composition analysis.

Segmental Body Mass and Body Fat Composition Analysis:-

Tetra-polar 8 point tactile electrodes system provides accurate segmental
(Body Fat and Muscle Mass) analysis and Body Balance evaluation through a user friendly chart.


Measurement Frequency:
5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000kHz
Measurement Current:
Measuring Range:
10 ~ 1000Ω
Measured Weight:
2.0~250.0 kg (Resolution 50g)
Range of Height:
60.0~220.0 cm
Input Interface:
Touch Screen, Barcode reader
Measurement Time:
About 90 sec.
Age of Use:
3~99 years old
10.4inch(IPS, 768 x 1024 ), Color Full Touch LCD
472(W) x 888(L) x 1167(H)mm (±3mm)
About 24.0kg (±2kg)