*Available only in Northern California* 

* Due to high demand and limited availability, our response time has been significantly effected for rental services. For best results, please contact us via this website. Please provide us with

  1. Where you are located.
  2. Type of exercise equipment you are interested in. 
  3.  Length of rental term. 
  4.  If you require delivery and pick service. (If you do, please provide as much detail as you can. Where? Garage, inside, upstairs, how many stairs etc..) 

The more complete the request, the better we can answer you. Please be patient as this is not the focus of our core business. It is a service we have offered for over 20 years. These times make this service not only very desirable, but challenging to match the timeliness of our sales Department. 

The Treadmill Outlet is committed to providing our customers with all of their fitness needs. Please consider us if you need a piece of exercise equipment for the short term: rehabilitation, a special event, or even a photo shoot. We have even provided rental treadmills to many visiting athletes and local television shows.

Both delivery and on-site pick up is available. Please call us at (650) 366-9133 for a quote.

Please contact us at any time with any questions.
Our local number is (650) 366-9133