HCI Fitness Monark 939E NOVO Electronically Controlled Testing Ergometer - Walk Through Frame - CPET

HCI Fitness

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The accuracy has never been better. The bike has never been faster. The feeling has never been better. The 939 Novo can be controlled from up to two sources at the same time. Easy to calibrate. Built with components of the highest quality. For testing where accuracy matters.

The 939 Novo Can be used for work tests on most people, also elderly and sick people, where the load is low. The easy entrance frame and the easy adjustment of the saddle and handlebar make the bike user-friendly. Connection at floor level to avoid entanglement and loose hanging cables. 939 Novo is speeding independent, you can pedal with different frequencies maintaining constant power output. The braking system is easy to calibrate and can be controlled at all times, which assures that the load is always correct.

Novo Display:-

Monark Novo display unit can run the bike direct from the Resistive LCD touch screen. It is easy to set your training target with distance, time, or calories with a user-friendly interface.

Connect to external systems with RS232 or USB.