NOHRD Sling Suspension Training


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Hang in there

We really mean it! In suspension training, your bodyweight is not only your resistance but the perfect advantage. Simple, by principle, and logical, by function: your bodyweight becomes your exercise machine. Get strong and build muscle by letting your bodyweight and gravity work against you – it’s functional training at its finest, delivering further improvement in balance, flexibility, and core strength.

To hold and behold

In line with our full product range, the NOHrD Sling is manufactured with solid wood and high-quality materials to provide a beautiful overall feel and look.

Steady companion

Compact and easily fixed to your ceiling (metal loops), while detachable by snap hook. The NOHrD Sling is the perfect indoor suspension trainer – or try an outdoor session by looping and fastening the rope around a suitable tree branch.

Inspired by mountain climbing

Get your whole body tuned by focusing on classic body motion exercises or targeting specific muscle groups. Consistent sling training will yield noticeable improvement in body strength and balance.

Easy adjusting

Find your perfect length & angle by gently pulling the wooden ball to release the ropes for setting in your favorite exercise position.

Infinitely variable setting

Easy adjustment guaranteed, by a gentle tug on the wooden ball rope for cable tension release. Choose your length for new exercise positions and challenges.