NOHRD WallBars


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NOHRD WallBars

The NOHRD WallBars are a sleek, yet versatile training station for strength, mobility, and coordination exercises, suitable for fitness enthusiasts of every level. Also referred to as stall bars, this wooden wall unit is a favorite for calisthenic exercises, while overall offering the perfect challenge to help you reach your fitness goals.

Thanks to the integrated foldout feature, the old school classic has been outfitted with a retractable arm to enable pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises. Use the WallBars foldout bar for suspension training exercise. The safety cord has been through rigorous testing to ensure usability in a full commercial gym space.

The NOHRD WallBars are designed for strength training, improving flexibility and body alignment. Train using bodyweight resistance or attach our specially designed accessories right into the bars for resistance and flexibility exercises. You can effectively target muscle groups like abdominals, lats and triceps using varying workout techniques.

The NOHRD WallBars enable you to maximize your gym’s exercise scope, using minimal wall space. Crafted in solid wood and available in either 10 or 14 rungs for a variety of grip possibilities, the unit protrudes a mere 13 cm from the wall, making it an extremely compact piece of wall equipment.


Dimensions (cm):
158 x 79 x 137 cm
Weight (kg):
40 kg
Assembly Required: