NOHRD WeightPlate Tower


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NOHRD WeightPlate Tower

Incredibly robust and crafted of solid wood to meet our highest quality standards, the WeightPlate Tower is the perfect weightlifting storage solution for your bells and weight plates. The 20 piece set is configured by 8 x 5kg, 4 x 2.5kg, 4 x 1.25kg and 4 x 0.5kg weights and entails 2 expertly designed short dumbbells and one long barbell from our partner Gungnir of Norway, featuring their innovative SlideLock™ mechanism for loading and secure placement.

The NOHRD WeightPlate Tower includes two short Dumbler and one 160cm long Pumper barbells by Gungnir of Norway, with their award-winning SlideLock™ mechanism. This cutting-edge feature is designed for swift and secure locking of the weight plates, allowing you to completely focus on your workout. Load up the Dumblers to 32 kg each or stack the Pumper with a total of up to 62 kg.

The WeightPlates are a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Each plate is double coated with authentic wood veneer, perfectly complimenting the workout space. The WeightPlate Tower provides space-efficient storage for convenience and easy equipment access during your workout.


NOHRD WeightPlate
Dimensions (cm):
45 x 45 x 117
Weight (kg):
ca 90
Country of Manufacture:
Power connection:
Assembly required: