NuStep RB8PRO Recumbent Bike


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RB8PRO Recumbent Bike

The RB8PRO Recumbent Bike is a new addition to the NuStep product line. Easy to access and easy to use, the RB8PRO delivers an effective lower body workout that is easy on the joints. Intuitive workout apps engage and motivate users, while real-time feedback tracks their performance.


Inclusive and adaptive, the RB8PRO accommodates users up to 500 lbs.

  • Low step-through design
  • Integrated sensor technology
  • Low starting force with the coast in reverse; 15 levels of resistance
  • Contact heart rate handles

Engaging & Motivating Experience

Integrated sensor technology captures and displays power and symmetry data in real-time. Dual-touchscreen console with HD display. Intuitive user interface with engaging workout programs and easy-to-track metrics.

Programs include:

Quick Start: Get on and go without setting goals

Pace Partner: Stay on track with a steady pace

NuStep Charts: View statistics based on performance

Balanced Power: Measure power and identify imbalances

Trail Runner: Exercise in locations around the world

Maximum Comfort & Adjustability

The ergonomic seat featuring a custom recumbent design provides a stable, supportive position for users while exercising.
  • 500 lbs. user weight capacity
  • 360-degree seat swivel (locks every 45 degrees)
  • Reclining seat (an additional 12 degrees)
  • Seat positions easy to adjust

User Requirements

Height: Fits users from 4'6" – 6'7" (137–200 cm) 

Weight: Supports users between 75 lbs. – 500 lbs. (34–227 kg)

Age: Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Users outside this height, weight, and age range may not use this cross trainer.


70” in (178 cm)
32”in (82 cm)
Unit Weight:
250 lbs. (113 kg)
Standard seat width:
18" (46 cm)
AC adapter with front and rear power jacks
User Height:
Fits users from 4'6" – 6'7" (137–200 cm)
User Weight:
Supports users between 75 lbs. – 500 lbs. (34–227 kg)
Recommended for ages 13 and up.