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The TR7000iM commercial blacked-out treadmill has redefined performance-grade quality. Elite in every category, these top-of-the-line treadmills pack a 5 horsepower AC motor, durable steel construction, and all the premium features your training program requires for success.

The 22" by 62" running deck permits full strides, while four impact-absorbing shocks replicate real-world environments that are gentle on your knees, back, and joints. Run or walk with confidence, the LifeSpan TR7000iM professional treadmill comes complete with our full commercial warranty and is ideal for commercial or home gym upgrades. This cutting-edge equipment has optional medical handlebars that help those rehabilitating from injuries approach fitness at a safe, sustainable pace. You can also stay entertained while you work out by using the mirroring feature to screencast your favorite YouTube channels!

Stay Entertained with our Mirroring Feature

With the TR7000iM, you'll never have to squint at your phone screen again! Not only does it feature a high-quality 18.5" LCD HD touch screen but its mirroring abilities make watching all those favorite YouTube shows easy and enjoyable, even as you adjust your speed and incline.

The Highest-Performing Motor Available

  • 5.0 HP Commercial AC Motor
  • 1000 lbs Thrust Incline Motor

The TR7000i's 5.0 commercial AC treadmill motor provides optimal torque at low speeds for heavy walkers, and smooth continuous power as you approach top speed. Whether you're an experienced athlete or taking a more steady approach to your fitness goals,- this machine can accommodate workout programs of all types while providing a safe environment. Additionally, the 5.0 HP commercial AC motor is one of the most durable treadmill motors, ensuring that you can count on your treadmill for the long run.

Elite Level Specs

  • 22" by 62" Running Deck
  • Four Impact-Absorbing Shocks
  • 12 Incline Levels/3 Decline Levels
  • Speeds Up to 12 MPH

The TR7000iM is a commercial-grade treadmill that can handle hours of daily use. Armed with a 22" by 62" running deck with 4 impact-absorbing shocks, this treadmill reduces stress from your knees, back, and joints no matter how intense your workout. It has an incline/decline range from -3 to 12 degrees and speeds up to 12 mph. 12 levels of incline, 3 levels of decline, speeds up 12 mph, and all-steel construction make workout parameters virtually limitless. With our Quick Draw feature, you can also automatically adjust and customize your workouts.

This new and improved design includes optional medical handlebars for those rehabilitating or desiring extra balance.

Programming For Endless Progress

The TR7000iM commercial treadmill is tailored for all fitness types, including those who want to take their fitness levels to the next level. This professional-grade machine features 28 diverse exercise programs, including accelerated heart rate training and programs designed by physiologists that will help you dominate personal bests or carve a healthy cardiovascular conditioning regimen into your daily life. No matter how your fitness goals change, the TR7000iM lets you automatically adjust your programming and continue striving.


  • Media Holder: Yes
  • USB Plus: USB port charges your mobile devices (doesn't charge iPad 1, iPad 2, or iPad 3).
  • Display: 18.5” Colorful touch screen and touch panel
  • Audio Center: Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favorite music, podcast or movie during your workout.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Contact heart rate sensors
  • Programs: 2 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 17 preset programs (5 weight management, 5 healthy living, 7 sports training)
  • Console Readouts: Program name, date and time, workout time, calories burned, step count, distance, heart rate, speed, incline and pace
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Intelli-Guard: This patented feature ensures safety by automatically pausing the belt 20 seconds after you step off the treadmill deck
  • Intelli-Step: This step counting feature works like a pedometer, automatically counting steps taken
  • USB Charging Ports: 2 USB ports to automatically save your exercise data and charge your wireless mobile device simultaneously.
  • Intelli-Key™: Simplifies console operation with sequential button illumination that prompts you through program selection and setup


80.5” Inch
36.5” Inch
61” Inch
Product Weight:
434 lbs
Max. User Weight:
400 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:
Single Box: 90.5” L x 41.3” W x 20” H
Gross Weight:
480 lbs
Net Weight:
434 lbs
Incline Ramp Levels:
12 levels
3 levels
Recommended Use:
40+ Hours a Week
Marked Belt:
Belt Size:
22" x 62"
Drive Motor:
5.0 HP continuous duty AC
Belt Type:
Multi-Ply Polyester Belt With Non-Slip PVC Surface
Incline Motor:
1000 lbs. Thrust
3.0” crown rollers
0.5 - 12 MPH
-3 to 12 levels
Deck Suspension:
Independent shock absorbers
1" melamine laminated reversible deck medium-density fiber board