HCI Fitness Monark LC7TT NOVO Electronically Controlled Testing Ergometer - Time Trial Ergometer Cycle

HCI Fitness

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Adjustable Seat Post:-

The fully adjustable setting of the seat position is within 20 cm horizontally. The seat post scale is centimeters on the side.

Adjustable Handlebar:-

The stem and handlebar are fully adjustable for height and length. With an adjustable length of 20 cm.

Adjustable Q-Factor:-

Same bottom bracket shell as ordinary road bikes and both the bottom bracket and cranks are easy to change.

Novo Control Unit:-

With the new control unit, we have secured a future platform for Monark Ergometers. Connections that are compatible with the most common ECG, Spirometers, and other external analysis equipment.

Novo Display:-

Monark Novo display unit can run the bike direct from the Resistive LCD touch screen. It is easy to set your training target with distance, time, or calories with a user-friendly interface.

Novo Motor

The new stronger, high-quality, linear motor has superfast reactions, making the Monark Novo motor unit 400% faster than previous models. This provides increased accuracy during testing, and a better ride feeling, with a more efficient workout.